What is bootfitting? It can easily be divided into four different parts: 

• Foot analysis

We measure the length and width of your feet to get a framework to work by. We get an overview of what your feet looks like, and use that information to select potential boots.

• Choosing boots after you demands

We have a large range of ski boots, from pure alpine ski boots to randonée ski boots. We select boots based on your wishes and needs to find the boot that feels right, where we find the optimal balance between performance and comfort. 

• Custom insoles and liners

Once we have found the right boot, it is important that we adapt it to your own unique foot shape. We, like many others, believe that a custom insole is one of the most important parts of a boot. That is, because a custom sole contributes to increased performance in your ride, increased comfort and relief so that your foot keeps a natural shape in the boot. We then heat the liner in the boot so that it takes shape after your foot and expands where you need space.   


• Adjusments for the right fit

Although we do a lot in the store to get the perfect ski boot for you, you may notice some changes over time. For example, you may feel a point of pressure or that you lack the heel grip you want. You are of course welcome back to the store so we can adjust it for you!


There is a lot we can do to help you find the right ski boot for you and your riding style. We always do our utmost to ensure that you as a customer are completely satisfied. We have a wide range of boots for women, men and juniors. 

Welcome in!


Stretch the shell (one ski boot)*
from 400 sek
Stretch the shell (a pair of ski boots)*
from 600 sek
*The price refers to boots that are NOT bought from our shop.


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